3 Companies in Japan Capitalizing on the Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossom season is Japan’s most popular time of the year. The cherry blossom season signifies the end of the long winter and start transition to the summer time. During this time, Japan’s culture brings many new tourists each year, helping the local economy and neighborhoods.

As a way for companies to capitalize on this festive time, many Japanese corporations are marketing their springtime products, not surprisingly including many cherry-blossom inspired products. Below is a list of cherry blossomed themed items that you will only see in Japan. Make sure to tour the country during the springtime to enjoy the natural beauty of the land.

Cherry Blossom in Kyoto

Coca-Cola Sakura Sakuranbo Royal Milk Tea

You can find everything you need in the vending machines. Coca-Cola Japan released its sakura inspired cherry flavored cream milk drink. The 410ml milk tea will set you back 140 yen and will only be available for a limited time. This new milk drink is made from milk produced from Hokkaido and the Assam tea leaves.

Additionally, Coca-Cola repackaged the drink with limited edition cherry blossom bottle. Inspired by the Hanami season and also Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival), the bottles are marketed to celebrate the Japanese longstanding culture.

Sakura Cherry Drink

Starbucks Sakura Series

From February 15 to March 14, Starbucks is offering its limited edition cherry blossom latte and frappuccinos. Both drinks are flavored with seasonal ingredients including sakura milk cream, condensed milk, and white/pink bean paste to make the drinks more festive. Topped with pink chocolate, chocolate crackers, and maple whipped cream, you’ll sure to have a sugar rush after a Grande Frappuccino.

As you’d expect these drinks are not cheap. Each drink will set you back roughly 500 yen or $5, about the same price as a Starbucks drink in the US.

Sakura Blossom Frappuccino – Tall 570 yen. Grande 610 yen, Venti 650 yen

Sakura Blossom Latte – Tall 470 yen, Grande 510 yen, Venti 550 yen

These designer drinks are more expensive than the bottled Coca-Cola drinks found in the vending machine but you can only find Sakura inspired drinks in Japan so try it while you have a chance.

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Season

Lipton Sakura Tea

The third option is a do it yourself (DIY) option, or for those that want to bring a piece of the festival home with you. Unilever’s best-selling tea brand is also capitalizing on the sakura season craze! For a limited-time Lipton is offering sakura inspired tea bags, sweetened tea as part of their product line in department and local stores.

A limited edition package of twelve pyramid-shaped sakura dipping tea bags will be sold online. The taste and scent is reminiscent of sakura inspired mochi, a subtle sweet and floral taste. If twelve bags isn’t enough, then there is also the family pack option found at Japanese stores nationwide.

Lipton Cherry Blossom Tea

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