5 Traveling Essentials You Need Before Staying in a Japanese Hostel

Packing for Japanese hostel essentials is a bit different from packing other for other countries because the hostels usually have all of the essentials that you need. If you’re looking for a general backpacking essentials guide then you can find our last post listing the top 5 traveling essentials.

Below are the items needed to stay in a Japanese hostel:

Universal Travel Adapter: The Japanese electrical outlets are 2-pronged 100 Volt, 50-60 Hz, so if you have a device with a 3-pronged (for example computer adapters), you may need an adapter. Additionally as listed above the voltage is 100 Volts, while North American voltage is 120v.

You can find universal adapters on Amazon for cheap. NOTE: This charger does NOT CONVERT electrical output current and voltage. The adapter plug converts the power outlet only.

Universal Adapter Amazon

Padlocks: Japanese hostels have lockers for you to put your treasured personal items. A padlock would be perfect to lock up your passport, computer, and any other valuables, just in case. The Master Lock I use has a slim profile, and comes with two keys. So it’s easy to carry around in the luggage before taking off.


If you’re interested it’s available on Amazon here. A picture of it is below.

Master padlocks


Ear plugs: If you’re sleeping in a room with 7 other individuals then you must get some ear plugs. I’m a light sleeper so when other people are snoring or moving around then it’ll wake me up in the middle of the night. Not to mention people walking in late night coming in and out from going out on the weekends. This is surely something that most people forget before packing your Japanese hostel essentials.

Mack’s earplugs

Flip Flops: Another must-have and something that you’ve already have packed in your suitcase if you’re traveling during the summer. I wear flip flops for the shower and walking around in the hostel because the hostels usually charge 500 yen if you want to rent their set of flip flops.

Flexible Flip Flops

Water bottle: The Hydro Flask water bottle on Amazon has over 5,000 reviews.



+ The Hydro Flask  water bottle keeps ice water icy all night long and for most of the day afterwards.

+ It will keep coffee and tea hot!

+ The outside coating is scratch resistant so dropping it on the Japanese concrete sidewalk will only cause minor scratches

+ Easy to clean, a little water and soap will make this water bottle new again


– if tea or coffee is left in the container over night there can be stains inside of the bottle

Hydro Flasks can be found on Amazon Here.

Hydro Flask Hiking


Sidenote: I am replacing the ear cushions for my Bose. Bose replacement at Amazon.


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