Japanese Anime, Death Note is Coming to Netflix?! But No Asian Actors

“Death Note” makes its worldwide Netflix premiere on August 25, but not everyone is excited about the casting of the main character of the new movie. Death Note, one of the most popular Japanese manga and anime series is being featured in an American live-action remake without any Asian leads. The major controversy behind many fans is the casting of the main character Yagami Light, who will be acted by Nat Wolff. Additionally, the character’s name has been changed to Light Turner, which sturs up fresh whitewashing controversy, especially after casting Scarlett Johansson as the lead for Ghost in the Shell.

Death Note Cast
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Another Sakura themed drink in Japan? Why can’t we have this in the US?!

Can’t Get Enough of Sakura Flavored Goodness? Try Sakura Red Bull!

The only place in the world with multiple trial flavors of Red Bull, including a seasonal one that represent the springtime. The Japanese spring season is known for its beauty but most importantly Japan’s sakura trees. Different companies are coming together to capitalize on this viewership. In previous articles we’ve pointed out the efforts by Starbucks and Coke. But this time it’s your favorite sports drink. Red Bull. Check it out for yourself, the Sakura Red Bull.

Japanese Vodka and Red Bull
Japanese Vodka and Red Bull
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3 Companies in Japan Capitalizing on the Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossom season is Japan’s most popular time of the year. The cherry blossom season signifies the end of the long winter and start transition to the summer time. During this time, Japan’s culture brings many new tourists each year, helping the local economy and neighborhoods.

As a way for companies to capitalize on this festive time, many Japanese corporations are marketing their springtime products, not surprisingly including many cherry-blossom inspired products. Below is a list of cherry blossomed themed items that you will only see in Japan. Make sure to tour the country during the springtime to enjoy the natural beauty of the land.

Cherry Blossom in Kyoto
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Exposing the Japanese Toilet

The biggest culture shock once you reach Japan isn’t the difference in food, people’s politeness, general cleanliness, but how high tech the bathroom is. Once you step into the airport’s bathroom you’ll see the difference immediately. There are multiple buttons and functions on the side of the seat, so be a little adventurous and try all of them at least once.

For any individual who has gone through Japan, one of the best social encounters is finding a current Japanese toilet. These Japanese toilets have many stunning elements – the most striking of render the tissue paper out of date. Why has mechanical advancement not gutted the requirement for bathroom tissue in America like it has in Japan?

Iconic Clean Japanese Bathroom
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