5 Traveling Essentials You Need Before Staying in a Japanese Hostel

Packing for Japanese hostel essentials is a bit different from packing other for other countries because the hostels usually have all of the essentials that you need. If you’re looking for a general backpacking essentials guide then you can find our last post listing the top 5 traveling essentials.

Below are the items needed to stay in a Japanese hostel:

Universal Travel Adapter: The Japanese electrical outlets are 2-pronged 100 Volt, 50-60 Hz, so if you have a device with a 3-pronged (for example computer adapters), you may need an adapter. Additionally as listed above the voltage is 100 Volts, while North American voltage is 120v.

You can find universal adapters on Amazon for cheap. NOTE: This charger does NOT CONVERT electrical output current and voltage. The adapter plug converts the power outlet only.

Universal Adapter Amazon
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Home away for two weeks? here’s the top 5 travel essentials to pack before you leave

Packing for a vacation in a foreign country can sound intimidating. Making sure that you have everything that you need for your weeks abroad is absolutely challenging. You’ll always question yourself whether if you have everything you need and start the cycle of packing and unpacking. Then you realize you forgot your contact lens or reading glasses. This will happen more than once. We have a packing list full of travel essentials so you don’t run into that situation.

Another thing to remember is that whatever you forget, you can always buy at your destination. So you don’t need to pack everything and many people don’t. The majority of travelers including myself only carry the bare minimum so we have room to bring back souvenirs for our family and friends. That’s the best way to share your experience with your friends and family and build an everlasting bond with them.

Traveling through Cities
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4 Must haves before backpacking through Japan

Japan is as foreign and amazing as Lost in Translation makes it. The country is one of the most accessible for first time backpackers, especially with Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics. Here are the top four must haves before getting on the plane and exploring the beautiful mountains and cities of Japan.

Pocket Wifi by Au

I pre-ordered my pocket wifi from www.japan-rail-pass.com. A total of $75 for 14 days was the best decision I’ve ever made. The light-weight wifi device guarantees internet access where ever there is a Japanese cellphone signal. If you’re yearning for fast and unlimited internet access for the entirety of your backpack Japan experience, then this is a must.

Performance specifications below:

  •      SPEED: 75 Mbps download
  •      NETWORK: 4G LTE
  •      BATTERY LIFE: between 9-12 hours
  •      CHARGE TIME: Approx. 3 hours
  •      WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: about the size of an iPhone 7
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