Finally a Realistic Budget to Backpack Japan

One of my lifelong bucket list items is to backpack Japan. So you booked your Tokyo plane ticket, what’s next?  To provide a little more context,  I spent plenty of time reading blogs, books, and other sources to mentally and physically prepare to backpack Japan. But now I can provide advice based on experience.

Research vs. Experience

When I researched the costs of travel, food and stay, I experienced a little bit of sticker shock because forums and blogs planted the idea that I needed $4,000 to travel comfortably for two weeks. That was not true. I completed my entire two week backpack Japan experience under $3,000 USD including hostel stay, round trip Tokyo plane ticket from Washington DC, food, transportation and souvenirs for friends and family at home. Below is the itemized costs for my backpacking experience:

Backpack Japan Experience compilation
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