We found the most popular Japanese burger chain! A clear winner in taste and presentation

Japanese people love convenience and American fast food so when you combine the two elements together you have the second largest burger chain in Japan, after McDonald’s. Mo’s Burger originated in Japan and is headquartered in  Thinpark Tower of Tokyo. The largest Japanese burger chain has been around since 1972 and has popped up throughout the nation as if it was In-n-Out on the west coast.

The very first store was opened in Narimasu, Tokyo. Now the Japanese burger chain has cropped up throughout all of the Asia Pacific region. You can find this chain in Malaysia, South Korea, China, Singapore, and many more countries.

MOs Burger Classic
MOs Burger Classic

Who named it MOS?

Satoshi Sakurada founded the Japanese burger chain. The name MOS is an abbreviation of Mountain, Ocean and Sun. Mountain signifies dignity, ocean means loving, and ocean means vast. The Sun gives the world vibrancy and life, and so all three combined captured the harmony of the menu items at MOS. And ultimately, this ties together with the Japanese burger chain’s love for the environment and its community.

MOS Burger goal is to “make people happy through food”. So as soon as you step into the restaurant you’ll feel the cleanliness and friendliness that sets itself apart from other fast food restaurants. And of course the food is ahead of its competitors.

MOS Burger Customer Service
MOS Burger Customer Service

The Taste and the Menu

The taste of MOS burgers isn’t like any other Japanese burger chain or burger chain in general. As corny as it sounds, you can really taste the love that went into cooking the burger. The hamburger buns are warm and soft, with a nice coating of glaze over top. The classic MOS burger has the signature tomato based sauce that is mixed with onions and other flavors. It’s acid, savory and just the right amount to complete the taste of the burger. Top it off with lettuce for some crunch and it’s the perfect burger.

Don’t forget the french fries. The fries are thick cut, perfectly fried (because the Japanese knows the secret to good frying technique). I’ve been told the perfect french fry is uniform in width, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. MOS Japanese burger chain satisfies all of that.

As for location, I’ve located the Shinjuku MOS burger below but the chain is scattered throughout the city. Japanese McDonalds need to step up its game to compete against these guys.
MOs Burger Shinjuku Location

Combination MOS Burger and its Fries
Combination MOS Burger and its Fries

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