Want an amazing view of Shibuya Crossing? Go to these 3 coffeeshops

Become a part of Shibuya Crossing is a to-do item for every visitor that comes to Japan. But as you blend in with everyone walking through the world’s busiest crosswalk, the opportunity to capture the moment from an aerial perspective gives the perfect perspective to how many people cross paths at this single location. Shibuya Crossing is popularized in movies and other media, so it should be a keepsake for your adventure backpacking Japan.

The next three locations are the best to capture the aerial photo you want to keep.

Shibuya Crossing
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Hungry after exploring? We have the Top 3 Shinjuku Ramen Restaurants

Ramen is a relatively cheap dish that you can find everywhere throughout Japan. Originally a Chinese idea, the Japanese embraced the dish and made it popular and known throughout the world. Each region of Japan has its own ramen specialty, so there are many varieties to explore as you backpack Japan.

If your adventure brought you to Shinjuku, then here are the top three Shinjuku ramen restaurants:

Japanese Ramen
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See Where the Party is at, Here are the Top 3 Nightclubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is iconic for its Tokyo nightclubs. It’s a city that never sleep due to an unusual city circumstance. The subway train service ends at midnight on the weekends and reopens at 5a.m, so many people who goes out partying have to go home before the clock strikes midnight or stay out until the crack of dawn. Fortunately, the party scene is lively and filled diverse enough for every need. As a solo traveler, the Tokyo nightclubs in Roppongi is foreigner-friendly. A lot of bars and clubs cater to travelers, and the locals are more friendly in Roppongi than in Shibuya. Japanbackpack would recommend Roppongi as a Tokyo nightclubs destination over Shibuya, which is more designed for locals.

Dance Shows in Tokyo

So now you narrowed down the district that you’re partying at, the next step is to find the best clubs and bars to spend your five hours of being stranded without subway services because taxi services is far too expensive. We have discovered the top three night clubs in Roppongi:

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Find out the Top 3 affordable Japanese Buffet in Tokyo

Sushi, fresh seafood, ramen, takoyaki, and Japanese sweets all in one place? There is only one type of restaurant that offers those kind of options-Japanese buffets. I’m sure you worked up an appetite after sightseeing, shopping, walking, and sitting down at a restaurant to boost your energy storage is going to make a heavy dent on your wallet.

But the job of Japanbackpack is to keep expenses low within different areas. Today, I will tell you the top 3 Japanese buffets in Tokyo where you can eat as much as you’d like so you can move on to the next part of your journey.

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Affordable and Fancy Meal? Here Are The Top 3 in Tokyo

Various cities in Japan offer their dining experiences specialities that is perfect for foodie travelers. Fortunately, you can find a high-quality affordable meal anywhere in Japan. Trying out new food when you are visiting foreign cities is a must and now you’re in the diverse and beautiful city in the world to do it in. You’ll experience a wide assortment of cuisines dispersed throughout the city. Sushi, fresh seafood, takokyaki, mochi, and other traditional Japanese cuisines should be on your radar at all time.

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5 facts you need to know about the Japanese Rail Pass (JR)

What is Japan Rail Pass for?

The Japan Rail (JR) Pass can be used for all trains operated by Japan Railways, which is indicated by the green JR logo at the top of the rail station. Also, if you’re using Google Maps during your adventure you can easily identify whether the trains allow the JR pass. This allows you to access the vast majority of tourist attractions from the North to the South of Japan, and from East to West of Japan; so you can go anywhere you want with the JR pass within the days that you pay for.

JR Pass Voucher
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Exposing the Japanese Toilet

The biggest culture shock once you reach Japan isn’t the difference in food, people’s politeness, general cleanliness, but how high tech the bathroom is. Once you step into the airport’s bathroom you’ll see the difference immediately. There are multiple buttons and functions on the side of the seat, so be a little adventurous and try all of them at least once.

For any individual who has gone through Japan, one of the best social encounters is finding a current Japanese toilet. These Japanese toilets have many stunning elements – the most striking of render the tissue paper out of date. Why has mechanical advancement not gutted the requirement for bathroom tissue in America like it has in Japan?

Iconic Clean Japanese Bathroom
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4 Must haves before backpacking through Japan

Japan is as foreign and amazing as Lost in Translation makes it. The country is one of the most accessible for first time backpackers, especially with Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics. Here are the top four must haves before getting on the plane and exploring the beautiful mountains and cities of Japan.

Pocket Wifi by Au

I pre-ordered my pocket wifi from www.japan-rail-pass.com. A total of $75 for 14 days was the best decision I’ve ever made. The light-weight wifi device guarantees internet access where ever there is a Japanese cellphone signal. If you’re yearning for fast and unlimited internet access for the entirety of your backpack Japan experience, then this is a must.

Performance specifications below:

  •      SPEED: 75 Mbps download
  •      NETWORK: 4G LTE
  •      BATTERY LIFE: between 9-12 hours
  •      CHARGE TIME: Approx. 3 hours
  •      WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS: about the size of an iPhone 7
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Finally a Realistic Budget to Backpack Japan

One of my lifelong bucket list items is to backpack Japan. So you booked your Tokyo plane ticket, what’s next?  To provide a little more context,  I spent plenty of time reading blogs, books, and other sources to mentally and physically prepare to backpack Japan. But now I can provide advice based on experience.

Research vs. Experience

When I researched the costs of travel, food and stay, I experienced a little bit of sticker shock because forums and blogs planted the idea that I needed $4,000 to travel comfortably for two weeks. That was not true. I completed my entire two week backpack Japan experience under $3,000 USD including hostel stay, round trip Tokyo plane ticket from Washington DC, food, transportation and souvenirs for friends and family at home. Below is the itemized costs for my backpacking experience:

Backpack Japan Experience compilation
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