Another Sakura themed drink in Japan? Why can’t we have this in the US?!

Can’t Get Enough of Sakura Flavored Goodness? Try Sakura Red Bull!

The only place in the world with multiple trial flavors of Red Bull, including a seasonal one that represent the springtime. The Japanese spring season is known for its beauty but most importantly Japan’s sakura trees. Different companies are coming together to capitalize on this viewership. In previous articles we’ve pointed out the efforts by Starbucks and Coke. But this time it’s your favorite sports drink. Red Bull. Check it out for yourself, the Sakura Red Bull.

Japanese Vodka and Red Bull
Japanese Vodka and Red Bull

Sakura Red Bull?!

You must know by now that Japan Backpack will cover Japanese culture when the season is upon us and sakura is no secret when traveling to Japan for the first time. We’ve already seen innovations including sakura flavored Pepsi, and Starbucks Frappuccino, but Japan isn’t really known for its energy sports drinks. So this is perfect timing for Red Bull to bring in the Sakura inspired Red Bull.

Spring Red Bull fully stocked
Spring Red Bull fully stocked

Flavor and Taste


This new flavored Red Bull features a can with pink and silver design that is representative of the sakura season in Japan. The colorful design is not only a cool design for consumers but also collectors for all things sakura. The flavor has a slight strawberry / peach flavor to it. The sakura Red Bull is perfect for amping up your nightlife before going out to Roppongi.


Now one of the big difference is the price. The Sakura drink cost approximately 190 yen or about $1.75. If you don’t want the special edition that comes out during the spring season, don’t worry the regular blue and red editions are in Japan. But since you’re in Japan already, you should try it out.

Sakura Red Bull



The location of these are spotty because not all convenience stores offer this product in their stores. But the larger 7-11 or Lawson should have this product displayed in the cooler aisle.


If you cannot get a Sakura inspired Red Bull. There’s regular Red Bull on sale on Amazon.


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