See Where the Party is at, Here are the Top 3 Nightclubs in Tokyo

Tokyo is iconic for its Tokyo nightclubs. It’s a city that never sleep due to an unusual city circumstance. The subway train service ends at midnight on the weekends and reopens at 5a.m, so many people who goes out partying have to go home before the clock strikes midnight or stay out until the crack of dawn. Fortunately, the party scene is lively and filled diverse enough for every need. As a solo traveler, the Tokyo nightclubs in Roppongi is foreigner-friendly. A lot of bars and clubs cater to travelers, and the locals are more friendly in Roppongi than in Shibuya. Japanbackpack would recommend Roppongi as a Tokyo nightclubs destination over Shibuya, which is more designed for locals.

Dance Shows in Tokyo

So now you narrowed down the district that you’re partying at, the next step is to find the best clubs and bars to spend your five hours of being stranded without subway services because taxi services is far too expensive. We have discovered the top three night clubs in Roppongi:

V2 Tokyo

This place is the quintessential Tokyo nightclub. V2 Tokyo is the biggest, best, well-known club in Roppongi. V2 Tokyo is a must for those who want to experience the Roppongi night life, especially for those from abroad looking to find foreign-friendly locals. The atmosphere and vibe really gets going after midnight, probably because those that are out in Roppongi are already dedicated to being out.

It is expensive for men. For guys, it cost 3,500 yen to enter, but you get two drink tickets with entry. Girls can enter for free so plenty of mingling in the biggest club in Roppongi.

The dress code is semi-strict at V2 Tokyo. They can turn away customers who do not fit into their dress code. This means dress to impress. V2 Tokyo can refuse those in extremely casual wear, meaning tank tops, shorts, sweatpants, sandals, but I’m sure you know better to wear flip-flops to nightclubs.

V2 Halloween night


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Jumanji 55

Now that you’ve been introduced the high end of Tokyo nightclubs, the next place is the cheap turnup alternative. It’s an absolute packed house in Jumanji55 when they have the all-you-can-drink deal (nomihodai). The happy hour begins from 7pm and ends at 11. And it’s extremely cheap, 1000 yen for four hours of unlimited drinking.

After happy hour (nomihodai), the entrance fee for guys is 1000 yen with two drink tickets and free for ladies. The budget can get very crowded on the weekends, you won’t be able to move during some occasions. The DJ mostly plays EDM and whatever is popular on the radio but if you’re looking for a dive bar for Tokyo nightlife, then this is your destination. It’s madness, it’s fun, and it’s cheap. Everything you’re looking for when you’re in Tokyo.

Jumanji Party

Esprit Tokyo

Minutes away from the Roppongi metro stop is a famous club known for its high end music equipment and laser shows. Espirit Tokyo is equipped with the latest base gear and screens to satify your EDM raving. The club hosts local and international DJs for events throughout the year. Their website has a schedule of the upcoming DJs coming to perform.

The entrance fee depends on the night so come prepared with cash in hand. The dress code is pretty relaxed here but of course make your best judgement. Check out the website for more pictures to get a feel of the vibes here.

Espirit Dancers

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