Party with Japanese Locals, Here are the Top 3 Nightclubs in Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyo is notorious for the Tokyo nightlife and clubs.Luckily, the Tokyo nightlife scene is energetic and filled sufficiently different for each need. The Tokyo dance club in Shibuya is Japanese friendly rather than foreigner friendly. If you’re looking for a foreigner friendly nightlife, visit Roppongi for the different experience there. 

It’s a city that never rest because of an irregular city situation; The tram closes at midnight on the ends of the week and restarts at 5a.m. This means a variety of individuals who goes out celebrating need to go home before the clock strikes midnight or remain out until the beginning of the day. All of the clubs we’re about to introduce are located within a single block so it’s easy to choose one from the other.


Tokyo Nightlife Experience


Opened on April 2000 and a star of the Shibuya Tokyo nightlife, Womb is located at 2-16 Maruyama-cho Shibuya. The main attraction is the giant disco ball located on the second floor, and visible on the main dance floor, with a  little bar is situated at the back of the dance floor.The DJ booth is located on top of the dance floor, this is typical of a regular dance club. On top of the DJ booth, there is another bar, with open views that look down onto the dance floor.


There are 2 more floors above the main dance floor. The fourth floor contain another bar, and a lounge area with another DJ playing music there. The top floors are mainly for the VIP experience, where there’s glass walls that lets you look down into the dance pit. If you’re looking to experience the pinnacle of Tokyo nightlife you start at WOMB.

Womb Nightclub


ATOM is within walking distance from WOMB. Located in Shibuya, ATOM is one of the trendier clubs of the city and you can go there after a long day of shopping because of the lockers available to store your things. There are many love hotels and cafes near by so when you’re done partying and ready for some rest time.

Not only are you going to Atom on your typical weekends but the clubs are open on Monday and Tuesday night, which is welcoming for those who don’t want to go home. The venue is a bit empty on Monday and Tuesday nights, but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, it’s a completely different story.

Nowhere else in the world can you party until the sun comes up and take the metro home or to work the next morning.

Atom nightclub


HARLEM is located in the same building as ATOM, and differentiate itself from the other part of Tokyo nightlife. Harlem nightclub is started the transition of hip-hop culture in Japan and the club has been growing in patrons ever since.B-boys, rap artists, and MCs will all be there at the club, so if you want a different taste of Tokyo then this is the right place for you.DJ Hazime and other Japanese spinners often play at this location.

harlem Nightclub

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