Home away for two weeks? here’s the top 5 travel essentials to pack before you leave

Packing for a vacation in a foreign country can sound intimidating. Making sure that you have everything that you need for your weeks abroad is absolutely challenging. You’ll always question yourself whether if you have everything you need and start the cycle of packing and unpacking. Then you realize you forgot your contact lens or reading glasses. This will happen more than once. We have a packing list full of travel essentials so you don’t run into that situation.

Another thing to remember is that whatever you forget, you can always buy at your destination. So you don’t need to pack everything and many people don’t. The majority of travelers including myself only carry the bare minimum so we have room to bring back souvenirs for our family and friends. That’s the best way to share your experience with your friends and family and build an everlasting bond with them.

Traveling through Cities

I always believe a person has two homes: home and work. But my third home is considered by backpack, it includes everything you need any you’re ready for whatever you’re ready for whatever life takes you. I would say 15-20Lbs or 8-10Kg would be optimal weight you should carry with you. It’s not heavy enough to drag you down and break your back and store all of your travel essentials.

This is  just a guide to remind you if you’ve forgotten anything and a recommendation for travel essentials that you didn’t think of.

PASSPORT! – Starting off with the most obvious item that you need to get around the world. Don’t ever forget your passport. Personally, I carry my passport with me at all times because you’d never know what will happen in the hostels.


Cash – Dollar bills is an absolute travel essential. I’d take roughly $200 with me so I can exchange it at the local bank or at the airport. I would exchange my money to local currency before taking the trip because the airport currency exchange prices are a total ripoff.


A pair of glasses and contact lenses – This is one of those just in case situations. Contacts dry out or rip all the time so it doesn’t hurt to bring extra just in case. And these items are small enough that you can store anywhere.

Oliver Peoples Options


AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set – 2 Medium and 2 Large, Gray – I cannot travel without packing cubes. I used the 4-piece set to hold my toiletries, electronic cables and personal items when I travel.The sides are flexible so you can easily mold these cubes to the content of your belongings. This item has become my personal travel essential and it’s part of the Amazon Basics family so it’s high quality, just like Kirkland (Costco brand) items.

Amazon Basic Cube Packing

Sunland Travel Towel -The 24×48 towel has done a fantastic job at soaking up all the water from jumping in the river or after finishing a shower. The travel towel was large and soft enough to compress into a small compartment of my backpack. There’s even a hook on the side to attach to the top of your backpack. There are more than 1,000 reviews on this product, and currently has a 4 ½ star rating!

Sunland Bath Towels

These 5 products are not the only travel essentials but rather just a start. We’ll have more prepping materials for your vacation to Japan and other areas.

There are some honorable mentions:

An Amazon Basics shipping scale to weigh your luggage. Found on Amazon  for $17.

Jack Black Double Duty Facial Moisturizer. Found on Amazon for $28.



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