V2 Tokyo Nightclub, your next destination in Roppongi

In one of our previous articles, we’ve listed the top 3 nightclub destinations in Roppongi. But now we’re go in a little more detail into what makes each club so special. The first is V2 Tokyo or V Square or any other variation. The V2 nightclub is located in the Roa Building in Roppongi and is rated one of the top clubs in Tokyo for both locals and foreigners.

V2 nightclub
V2 nightclub

Guys and Gals


There are two lines outside of the club. One for guys and one for girls. As you’d expect the girls get in for free and the guys pay 3,500 yen. But the 3,500 yen comes with two drink cards for you to order drinks inside. The basic rail drinks inside is roughly 600-800 yen so it comes out to roughly 2300 yen or $21 USD for admission into V2 nightclub.

v2 Halloween
v2 Halloween

Before Entering


The bag check is outside and you’ll be asked to read and sign the rules of the club before entering. Once you’re checked out and the bouncer let you in then you’ll experience the best nightclub scene of Tokyo.


Nice & Fancy


The venue is extremely fancy! There are professional dancers on the stage in the middle of the dance floor and around the dj on the side. Unfortunately for male clubbers, there are usually more men than women. The party really starts after midnight, when v2 nightclub gets full and the atmosphere improves.

I am very impressed by the layout, design, and people that come here. Most of the people are not pretentious and are easy to to talk to and are most of them are just looking for a good time. The main focus is the dance floor so you’ll experience the crowd energy that makes up for it. On the weekends, the tunes are packed with the latest dance tracks and remixes.


The energy here does not stop, it’s hard to feel fatigue with everyone having so much fun around you in V2 nightclub. Most importantly, everything and everyone is high energy until 5a.m in the morning. V2 was my first nightlife destination, so I was pleased with the Tokyo party scene. Everything reminded me of the crazy European party destinations.
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